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Yoga Grip Gloves Media Voices

Yoga Grip Glove Media Voices

“Since nothing is worse than falling on your face mid-pose, wefirmly believe that every yogi needs to get a grip.” “Less germs and better grip; a smart product for the smart excerciser.” “The “seond skin” fit of these gloves provides effective traction and aids circulation during practice.”

“Striking the perfect pose just got easier.” “Thin cotton-Lycra gloves that help keep hands and feet from slipping on a sweaty mat.” “Are you tired of slipping while trying to hold a downward dog yoga pose. If so, next time try wearing Yoga Grip Hand and Foot Gloves.”

What a terrific product. I used the finger and foot gloves yesterday in yoga. They gave a sense of security for a beginner. Thanks a lot and keep on coming up with great products.
– Glen Gee