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Yoga Grip Gloves Press & Promo

Press and Promotion

From the star studded 62nd Golden Globe Awards to the distinguished Washington Post, to the always prestigious “Town and Country Magazine,” Yoga Grip Hand and Foot Gloves quickly catch the eye of some of the country’s finest media and promotional outlets just months after their debut!

The launch of a lifetime!
It didn’t take long for word to get out about our revolutionary new Yoga Grip Gloves and we have the September 2004 Mind, Body, and Beyond Expo in Los Angeles to partly thank for it. The trade show was the official launch for our revolutionary new products and we were thrilled when sales proved to be lucrative. But perhaps even more thrilling was the media attention the gloves garnered as a result of the 2-day show. Our gloves were featured in an extensive piece on Southern California based television program “L.A. Fitness Trends,” a wonderful product write-up in “Vision Magazine,” and also included in the “Whole-life Times Magazine” Holiday Gift Guide.”

Public Relations
As we mentioned the trade show was just part of why we believe the good word spread so quickly about our products. Another big contributor to the cause was Los Angeles based P.R. Firm “Phyllis Klein and Associates.” In mid November PK & A was brought on board to see what kind of publicity buzz it could create. In a few short months, and much to our delight, Phyllis and her phenomenal team of professionals had achieved some very impressive results.

Their first triumph came after about a week when Yoga Grip Hand and Foot Gloves were featured on Fox National News as part of an Innovative Holiday Gift Guide piece. The gloves were then chosen to be an item included in the Hollywood Thanksgiving Day Parade Gift Bags for the celebrity participants. Some of the recipients of the gloves included member of ABC’s hit show “Desperate Housewives”, and the Governor and First Lady of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver.

But it was in mid December when Phyllis and her staff really demonstrated their promotional prowess by presenting Sun Salutations, Inc. with a “golden opportunity” we almost couldn’t believe. Out of thousands of submissions, and with the help of PK&A;, Yoga Grip Hand and Foot Gloves were selected as one of the coveted items inside the 2005, 62nd Annual Golden Globe Awards Gift Bag for the celebrity presenters and attendees!

The New Year kicked off with wonderful product mentions in dozens of newspapers across the country including The Washington Post, The Miami Herald, The Chicago Sun Times, The Kansas City Star, and The Kentucky Inquirer.

Summer heated up when Prestigious “Town and Country” magazine featured Yoga Grip Gloves in a “Must-Do for June” article. Sun Salutations, Inc. was then selected as a sponsor for the 2005 MTV Movie Awards Style Lounge, and a few days later selected as featured guest on the nationally syndicated “Christmas In July” program. Just when we thought things were quieting down, the Los Angeles Times Newspaper featured Yoga Grip Gloves in a glowing article about new fitness gadgets followed by a wonderful new product review for “For Me” Magazine.

The Powerhouse P.R. team at P.K & A says that’s just the beginning as they begin to embark on a very aggressive promotional push that includes television, magazine and newspaper interviews, product reviews, and celebrity endorsements for the second half of 2005 and beginning of 2006.

Print Advertising: Sun Salutations, Inc. currently has quarter page ads in the “Yoga Journal,” “Yogi Times” magazine, and “Healing Lifestyles and Spa” magazine. This spring we will add “The Ladies Home Journal,” Fit Yoga,” and “Yoga For Everybody” to that list. By fall our ads will also be visible in “Elle,” “Self,” and “Hong Kong” magazine, as well as various 3rd and 2nd tier periodicals around the United States. We will also be placing advertising in newspapers in the “top 20 populated” cities around the country to further reach our new clients.

Trade Shows: Trade shows have proven to be a critical part of our marketing plan, both Nationally and Internationally. As we mentioned earlier, we achieved some solid success from our September 2004 show in Los Angeles. In November 2004, we attended the world renown “Yoga Show and Conference” in beautiful Toronto Canada and have begun to establish distribution networks and sales channels up North as a result. About a week after the Toronto Show, we traveled to the Far East for the 3-day “Natural Products Asia Expo” in Hong Kong. The show was buyer driven and we came away with both fantastic immediate sales and excellent distribution opportunities in at least 9 different countries. We kicked off 2005 right here in the United States by participating in the Natural Products Expo in Anaheim, California which proved to be every bit as successful as its sister show in Asia. In July, Sun Salutations wowed the fitness world at the IDEA World Fitness Trade Show in Las Vegas with our new Yoga Grip products securing dozens of wholesale accounts right there at the expo!

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